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We are Vladan and Klara, Czech couple who left everything behind and went to travel every country in the world without using any flight. We want to show you how to experience more without paying more.

At the very beginning, there was a dream to drop on the modern material-oriented way of life, follow our passion for traveling together. We want to share our story about escaping out from the comfort zone and warm beds by traveling through all countries in the world. Call us fools, but we truly believe that we can make it without planes.

Why CoupleTale? The love of traveling was always stronger than corporate life. We always loved to capture our travels, but we wanted to do it better. We watched Youtube to improve photography and videography. CoupleTale starts back in Jun 2017 when we created Instagram and Facebook to share our adventure.

We are couple creating its own tale with stories from our journey – that’s how CoupleTale was born.

Why without flights?

We are not gonna lie to you. Klara is scared to fly.

The traveling is about to be as close as you can to local life to meet the culture. By flying you just skip thousands of kilometers of memories you could have. Sometimes it is very challenging, gives us hard times and it takes ages, but in the end, it is always worth it. You still can’t imagine traveling without single flight? Follow us


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Do you want to show your product, country, city, activity or other things to travelers around the world? We can do it via our social media linked below or website. If you have any idea, leave us an e-mail via our contact form on the bottom of this page and we will reach you with the custom plan!





Contact us for more information such as media kit, demography, reach, what we can bring to your project and much more.

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